Silvering - Mirror polished finishing

Silvering is the deposition of a silver layer on metal surfaces usually obtained with an electrochemical process in a cell in which the cathode is the object to be silvered and the anode is pure silver. The discovery of this technique, called galvanic plating, began in 1791 when Luigi Galvani discovered the electric fluid, which is why all the processes that involve an electrolysis to cover a surface can be called galvanic process, which derives from his surname “Galvani”. The first device for electroplating (or galvanic plating) was developed in 1800.

The applications of silvering are linked to some peculiar properties of silver: the brilliance and the reflecting power, which are exploited for decorative purposes; excellent electrical conductivity and non-oxidation in air.

Gilding Mirror Polished Finishing

The gilding techniques used for metals can be done chemically or mechanically.

What we use is a method of electrolytic gilding in which the object to be gilded works as a cathode in a bath of golden cyanide; such gilding can be performed directly on copper, brass or bronze objects, while the other metals must first be subjected to copper plating.

Moreover, the gilding applied with the electrolytic method and with thicknesses from 1 to 5 micron, can be used on pieces of electromechanical devices (generally connectors) to minimise contact resistance. Since gold tends to spread in copper alloys over time, before gliding it must be applied a layer of polished nickel, with a thickness of at least 10-20 microns.

Copper plating

The passion of manual skills meets the most advanced technology for perfect copper plating, thanks to our galvanic baths that reflect the same techniques used for both silvering and gilding. All of this to made possible customized finishes that look at customers’ requests, since with its pink or reddish colour, it makes the environments unique and original.

Precisely for this reason, over the years there have been many designers and architects who have chosen it to create design products. Copper, which offers beauty and personality, is used for the creation of kitchen utensils, furnishing accessories and for the realization of many other home related objects.


Lacquering is an ancient craft known from 7,000 BC. Made with trees’ resins up to the finest techniques of now-a-days. We have chosen to use only water-based colours because they are less toxic and more environment friendly.

The possibility of colouring and personalisation we can offer are almost infinite. It is possible to cover the RAL colorimetric scale, making any colour shade.

Customizing also means decorating. The decoration system we offer you, called DIP PRINT, uses special inks applied on a water-soluble film, arranged to form a decorative motif. The entire production cycle is managed by a completely automated system. The main process of decoration takes place in a tank containing net water, and the film deposition is done on this surface.

You can choose between glossy or opaque lacquering, two sides of the same coin that can confer, with the same colour, very different sensations. Miotto offers high quality lacquered products, where the thickness of the lacquering is adequate to guarantee the integrity of the brilliance over the years

Some examples of our lacquered products with decoration:


"After the black gold of the 80s, exhibited at Harrods for a long time, Miotto presents a new galvanic finish!"

Thanks to the research and development of Miotto laboratories and always looking to the future, we wanted to create a new galvanic finish, the SHINY BRONZE. A shiny effect to give dynamism to the shapes in a sophisticated and refined way, a unique and absolutely fashionable touch.

Always attentive to the aesthetic and functional demands of our customers, we have thought of this new finish, guaranteeing the products against the action of atmospheric agents and from contact with substances such as lemon, vinegar, etc.