MIOTTO and GALLERIA CASA ITALIANA as a synergy of intentions between brands that make the home décor the essence of their production. The Consortium brings together brands for which "made in Italy" is not just core business, but above all a philosophy of being.

On the silverwares, the porcelains, the furniture, the glassware, the glasses, the alabasters, the bronzes, on the paintings and frames of the GALLERIA we can count a thousand kinds of creativity, but there is only one common language: the refined and elegant alphabet of uniqueness of the “Italian Home” -

MIOTTO and THE ARTISANS OF MURANO to create authentic masterpieces in which the artistic craftsmanship’s ancient techniques, passed from father to son, enhance contemporary Italian style and design, to become precious testimonies of ancient history and culture.

There are three main techniques of glass processing: lampworking, glass fusion and slumping.

Our collaboration with the best artisans of Murano aims to be a marriage that for centuries have been featuring and exalting the skilful Italian craftsmanship.


It is possible to see our collections at our showroom in Padua, where we run our business, and at major sector fairs such as:


Every company that looks towards the future of its business, knows how irreplaceable it is to daily confront itself with the market, its competitors, and finding at the fairs a platform for discussion and reflection.

The trade fairs represent the ideal place to get visibility and to increase their profitability and, why not, also be witness of the ability of growing and refreshing.

In fact, every business revolves around people and fairs are the best way to communicate and to collect contacts for one’s business.

A successful entrepreneurial recipe starts with basic rules, getting to know each other, shaking hands and agreeing together in which direction you want to go. In fact, the human point of view is what makes the company a successful brand.

Not participating in it would therefore mean to miss a unique opportunity, because it is by discussing with the other players in the market, by exchanging ideas and feelings that you understand in which direction the market is turning and if we are part of it.